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Judith P. 注册会计师,CFP®,CDFA®

执行副总裁b|主管-专业服务, 财富管理及财务规划服务

"The mark of a great advisor lies in their motivation to provide value over seeking personal success, a quality Judith embodies and applies to every facet of her personal and professional life. "

在服务他人的积极影响下,朱迪斯. 注册会计师,CFP®,CDFA®, 从帮助高净值客户中获得满足感, 尤其是那些即将退休的人, 制定全面的个人理财计划, income tax planning to minimize outlays and preserve wealth accumulation.

Her more-than 40 years of success is defined by her innate ability to listen and employ solutions unique to every client. This attribute has made her an invaluable resource for those who seek her counsel on everything from 财务规划 投资管理 所得税的筹划和准备.

Blending her expertise as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a 注册理财规划师™专业, 朱迪经常就退休计划提供咨询, 现金流和预算风险管理, 以及投资组合审查和投资策略. An enthusiastic leader by nature, Judy is the director of 委员,葡京会手机app下载 & 老葡京手机app(老葡京手机app) 专业服务, and 财富管理 以及财务规划委员会. She also serves as the chief compliance officer for the firm’s 财务规划 practice and its 财富管理 subsidiary, MBI, LLC.

Judy also adds value to 老葡京手机app’s audit and assurance team to help clients in the 专业服务, 非营利性, and 政府合同 工业超越了他们最雄心勃勃的目标. 她通过领导做到了这一点 财务报表审核和审计 and preparing business tax returns, especially for 非营利性s and closely-held businesses.

她在业界的声誉, paired with her skills at translating technical concepts into simple terms, has made her a highly sought-after speaker on various tax and 财务规划 topics.

在加入老葡京手机app之前,Judy是May的合伙人 & Barnhard, P.C., a Maryland-based tax and financial consulting firm that merged into 老葡京手机app in 2017. 在她与梅的26年里 & Barnhard, 她负责监督非营利组织的审计实践质量控制, 政府承包商, 以及私人企业客户, while providing personal income tax and 财务规划 services. She started her career as an accounting and audit manager with a large international accounting firm and as an internal auditor for a Fortune 500 publishing company.

When she isn’t working with clients or volunteering in the community, 她在该公司的董事会任职 国家癌症研究基金会, Judy enjoys spending time with her mother and horseback riding with her daughter. She also loves to travel the world and often can be found spending hours touring a museum, 沉迷于艺术和文化, 或者去看戏.


  • 马里兰州注册会计师(CPA)
  • 注册理财规划师™ (CFP®)
  • 注册离婚金融分析师(CFDA®)
  • B.S. 东北大学会计系